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About Us

When you think of Nova Scotia, what comes to mind? Maybe images of lighthouses, or lobster straight from the sea, or even the sound of crashing surf. For those of us lucky to call Nova Scotia home we’d probably add brilliant pink sunrises over the Atlantic, glorious rolling hills and orchards, and fiery sunsets over the Bay of Fundy. We live close to the land - it nurtures us. Sustainability isn't a new concept in our agriculturally rich Annapolis Valley, bound by the North and South mountains, shored up by the sea, and rooted in history. It's the natural home for a line of eco-friendly and ethically made linen clothing. 

Living in Nova Scotia is a return to my roots and now home for Tallulah Freelove - the brand and the ideology! When I left the corporate world and moved here I had, like many of you ( I suspect), a closet bulging with clothes but precious few items that I wore on a regular basis. I went looking for clothes that would fit my more casual life. I couldn’t find what I wanted locally and it wasn’t that easy to find online either! I wanted quality, sustainability, classic styles, and comfort with just a touch of edgy irreverence thrown in for good measure.

What started me on the path to natural fibres (and ultimately linen) was a bit odd. I had a nightie that Ioved. I mean really loved! A cotton blend material, it was easy to wash but that nightie took 3 times as long to dry as my other clothes and it came out of the dryer smelling like chemicals. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! 

I knew a fair bit about the fashion industry but it was the first time one of their dirty little secrets was being held up to my face, right up to my nose to be precise. 

So, I dug a little deeper and started to understand more fully the impact the apparel industry has on our environment, starting with massive amounts of chemicals used to make cotton grow faster and saturated dyes for the garments themselves. I decided I was going to build my more casual wardrobe with natural fibres that I could feel good about buying and wearing without sacrificing style or quality. It wasn’t easy to find what I was looking for and after learning there were many “like minds” out there looking for the same thing, I decided to import some linen apparel and Tallulah Freelove was born.

About now I should be telling you about how I drink green tea every morning while I meditate and then move on to my yoga routine…alas, that would be a lie. I created Tallulah Freelove because I love linen and its potential to be eco-friendly and ethically made…if you find the right brand, of course. Tallulah Freelove is that brand - there are no “fast fashion” corners cut on our hand made, small-batch produced, sustainable linen clothing.

I love the pureness and simplicity of it. 

I love the way it ages and softens with time.

I love that when I wake up in my linen sheets a morning stretch feels like a caress. 

I love that the clothes that I invest in are well made and will last a long, long  time.

I love the simple lines and easy movement that allow me to express myself fully with fashion. 

I love that they look as good at a morning client meeting in Halifax as they do on the shores of the Bay of Fundy for an afternoon of beach combing. 

This is why I started Tallulah Freelove from my perch in a tiny town in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. I wear ALL the hats at Tallulah, from buyer to janitor. I love meeting my fellow linen lovers online and in-person so reach out and share your linen love with me and thank you for supporting my small business.