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About Us

Linen: timeless, long wearing, easy to care for, luxurious. 

Tallulah Freelove was born of necessity. Simply put, we couldn't find linen apparel for women in the Canadian marketplace. Decades of conspicuous fashion consumption have left us with bulging closets, but few pieces that we wear and even fewer pieces that we love.

Trudy White, the founder of Tallulah Freelove, has this to say about our start:

My conscience was beginning to really trouble me. Having been around the fashion industry for many years, I was well aware of its dirty little secrets. Clothing manufacturing is the second largest polluter in the world – think chemical use and landfills full of discarded clothing. Its reputation for fair employment and ethical business practices is deplorable. This creation of untold environmental and human misery is all a part of the effort to make more clothing and make it faster. The vast majority of today’s fashion retailers are guilty of aiding and abetting these practices. Make no mistake, often the only difference between a $17 shirt and a $800 shirt is margin. It rather takes the glamour out of fashion, don’t you think?

I didn’t/and don’t want to contribute to any of it. I want to feel good about the clothes that I wear, morally and practically. I don’t want a lot of stuff, but I want high quality, long lasting, easy-to- care-for clothing. I want comfort and I want versatility; I want each piece to pull double duty. I want to do more with less. I want clothing produced in small batches by people who get paid a living wage. I want clothing made from organic fabrics that are not polluting the earth and making people sick. I want to open my closet and love everything hanging there. I don't think I am alone, and that is how Tallulah Freelove was born.

If you love linen, and eco-friendly, ethically made accessories for you and your home as much as we do, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at